LibreOffice 5: Adding Furigana to your Japanese Text

This process seems to be alittle scattered on the internet, so I’ve consolidated it.
This guide will show you how to enable and edit Furigana in LibreOffice Writer and set its font style and size (the size of the “Rubies”).

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How to remove file extensions from your website page URLs (Apache)

Ever wanted to remove the “.php” from your website’s pages? Say you’re using Apache web server (as most sites do) on a Linux distro. There’s lots of advice out there about how to do this but the vast majority of it focuses on the regex, which isn’t the main problem. So I’m going to go over all of the steps to show you what needs to be done (that worked for me). The main issue, at least for me, was enabling the rewrite module.

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The Writing on the Wall (Book of Daniel)

An economist was talking with a couple of friends of his – a programmer and a sailor – about how to classify the angel in the book of Daniel. The economist said, “Angels throughout the Bible have always been in charge of keeping records and this angel was giving an account of the future, therefore he must be an economist.” The sailor said, “Nonsense. He wrote a whole paragraph of damnation in special characters. He curses like a sailor!” The programmer said, “No no, you are both wrong. Who else but a software angel could perfectly implement SSL?”


I write software, I read about software, and I wanted a blog for posting all sorts of cool stuff about software that I stumble upon (articles, code snippets, comics, etc). I also wanted a place to share ideas about software. Finally, I have a blog dedicated to that. Expect short snippets and lots of links, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading some long and boring article by yours truly about how virtual machines should be designed.

I’ve created a programming language called “Copper” that you can read about on my other blog.